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Retro Inspired Games by Gabriel Perez
Skid Row Joe (Now Available for Pico-8)

Platform: Pico-8

In this urban adventure you play Skid Row Joe, an unfortunate hobo who’s down on this luck. With strategy, hard work, and a little luck you can take Joe from hobo to business man! This game is a re-imagined version of Rags to Riches for the C64. If you own a copy of the Pico-8 virtual console you can download the PNG and play it on whatever hardware you like. If you don’t own a copy of Pico-8 the game is free to play online!

Play Skid Row Joe (Free!)

Skid Row Joe Instruction Manual (Coming Soon!)

Grave Robber (Coming Soon!)

Platform: iOS

You are a lost soul doomed by a genie’s curse to roam the earth eating dead bodies in grave yards. the game was inspired by classics such as Dig Dug and Ghosts and Goblins and systems like 8-bit NES and Atari 5200.

The game is in beta and not yet available on the App store. I have created a full instruction manual that you can check out while you get excited about the projected Fall 2018 release!

Grave Robber Manual (PDF)