You down with LCP?

My actual LCP game on my Mac Vice C64 emulator.

Little Computer People that is. A unique game that I played a little back in the 80’s on the ole C64. Is it a game? I guess, it’s more of a human Tamagotchi before Tamagotchi existed. I guess you might consider it AI, because AI is technically when you design something to act like an intelligence (not to be confused with Machine Learning). If it is AI it’s not advanced at all but charming none the less. Charming and fun for that matter although I’m not sure how long one can sit messing around with a little dude in a house with his dog–apparently quite a long time since I’ve been playing it every night. That’s what this software title (game?) is, it’s you doing stuff like delivering dog food and patting a little virtual dude in a little virtual house. You can even ask him to do stuff by typing requests such as “please play the piano.” Sometimes he does the things you ask and other times not, it’s all about his mood. You can even play games with him, like poker.

This was a brilliant idea for a game. It’s fun and you don’t just shoot stuff. I like games that are about other stuff besides killing stuff. I mean we all love games where you kill and destroy, but I’m a lover not a fighter some days, so I tend to prefer peace loving games like this one sometimes. You can easily get sucked into LCP, it’s a tiny house world of its own. I’m having a blast with the little dude in the one I started up–his name is Ian. He’s already played the piano twice and we played Poker and Anagrams this evening.

My LPC is named Ian, I know this because he typed me a letter.

I’m going to give this game or whatever it is five stars out of five stars even though I don’t rate games at this point, but if I did rate games I would give this the top score or stars or whatever. That’s because LCP is fun, cool, and original. It is definitely a software title that was way ahead of its time.

LCP (GB64)

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