Pico-8 Because Less is More Important

Our world is a mess, at least the human part of it is a mess, and the mess is going to be super hard to clean up because it’s humungous. At the core of the mess humanity has… Read More

The Atari 2600 Project – Overview

Was it the late 90’s or early 2000’s when the thing to do was to name your band “The <insert lead singer name here> Project?” Yeah it was around that time I think, I even knew some girl… Read More

How they sold us Nintendo after the crash of 83

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the end of Atari, it was the beginning of Nintendo. Back in 83, due to market saturation, the video game market crashed. It was… Read More

Game of the Week – Skyfox

Air combat simplified. You are the only hope for the base in your Skyfox fighter plane. It’s supersonic, it has laser guns, and an autopilot that finds enemies. You can train or fight in a full invasion. It’s… Read More

You might be a retro-nerd if …

Here’s a list of things / behaviors that might indicate that you’re a retro-computing (retropute) nerd: You use apt-get to install Mame You have more than two C64s in a closet You clean out your storage space and… Read More

Random NES game from the pile… Kid Icarus

A seriously hard game that came out for NES around the same time as Metroid. Actually, I think they came out at the exact same time but whatever. The first time I saw Kid Icarus I was at… Read More

Tapper and the way it was

Today I want you kids in the audience to get a picture of what it was like growing up in the 80’s video game wise and do it with one of my favorite games, Tapper. Video games in… Read More

You down with LCP?

Little Computer People that is. A unique game that I played a little back in the 80’s on the ole C64. Is it a game? I guess, it’s more of a human Tamagotchi before Tamagotchi existed. I guess… Read More

Movie Maker for C64

Long ago, when processing power was slow and we didn’t realize it because 1 Mhz seemed fine. And back when I thought a hard disk was a 3.5″ floppy, because it was hard and not floppy. And back… Read More