As far as twitch games go I’m old school. I like shooting at stuff that’s moving across the screen before it comes to get me. That’s how the timeless classic Space Invaders works, and I like Space Invaders…. Read More

Game of the Week – Ultima IV

I noticed that I keep bringing up Ultima IV is mentioned in at least a few of my other posts. The reason I keep bringing it up is that it is one of those games that was super… Read More

Random NES Pick From The Pile – Urban Champion

I picked a random NES game from my NES pile and… It was URBAN CHAMPION. What can I say about this game? It was my first exposure to the word “Urban” for one thing. I remember when I… Read More


I was an adult before Amazon destroyed bookstores, and as a kid the only place you could get books was in… Bookstores. Back then bookstores were more than bookstores, you could also buy software and even, my favorite,… Read More

Did you ever play Rags to Riches?

Do you make top five lists? I do. Today I made my computer game top five list: Rags to Riches (C64) (Free) Ultima IV (C64) (Free) Sim City 2000 (MAC/PC)($5.99) Sam & Max Hit the Road (MAC/LINUX/PC) ($5.99)… Read More

Tiny Arcade – Mr. Arcade is here!

When I was pretty little, I think seven or eight years old, Coleco came out with some tabletop (handheld) video games that resembled their arcade countertop in form if not in gameplay. These were hot stuff in 82,… Read More

Adventure, the first Easter egg

My very first video game console as a kid was the Atari 2600 (aka. Atari VCS). I was a little late to the game since I got mine about the time of the famous 1983 video game crash…. Read More

My First Computer – A Trip Down Memory Lane

I’ve owned a computer since I was nine years old. That means that I’ve owned computers for… a lot a years. Anyhow, the first computer that I cajoled my lower middle class income parents to buy me at… Read More

Game of the Week: Moria – Best Graphics Ever

Moria, it’s not pretty, but depth… it has depth. You know how you’re mommy told you that you don’t have to be the best looking kid at prom because you’re special? My mom didn’t say that either, but… Read More

The Oregon Trail Hand held

The Oregon Trail was as much of a pioneer in computer game history as the American pioneers that it seeks to simulate. Back in 1986 when I convinced my parents to go into debt to buy me a… Read More